Some more stuff I did for Andromeda5.

Some of my work for XS software's Andromeda5 game:

What's up with pirates being all the rage these days?

A week or so ago I went to this drawing jam - here are the sketches that came out, the theme was "monsters" and I tried to employ different techniques for my sketches. Shoutouts go to the organizers - Miroslav "Soul Survivor" Petrov and Martin "VertexBee" Punchev; and of course, to all the great people that came, it was a blast! (can't wait for the next event)

I heard an accomplished publisher once say ( jokingly, of course) that the only things that most people consider cool is the color purple, gorillas and motorcycles. I guess the joke is on him , because this is the coolest drawing ever - a Purple gorilla on a motorcycle... AND with a chick to boot. 

Another portrait. As with all my images posted here I did not use any reference. Its just so much fun creating visuals purely from imagination. You get to invent something that is completely and fully yours...

It was lots of fun making up a story behind this design as I was drawing it.
Nature vs Machine : Captive.

This was a portrait study that underwent a lot of iterations. And finally - voila! The Pearl Queen.

Barbarian/Samurai/Amazon female warrior